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Dennis Bartels

Managing Director
Dennis has always been puzzled about how people learn. By chance and happenstance, that led him into the worlds of STEM education, the NSF and science and education policy more broadly. He studied policy analysis and political economy at Stanford and is a student of non-profit behavior. He remained more interested in learning itself than in its setting, whether in school, out of school, online or at home. He also grew curious about the design of engaging learning experiences, curiosity, creativity, innovation and invention. This led to an interest in participatory art and Burning Man. More recently he has grown passionate about oceans, food security, virtual reality and social enterprise, seeking novel and unconventional connections among people, ideas and tools. He believes in creativity by mash-up. And he is growing more interested in sharing what he has learned with others. He currently serves as the Managing Director for the Endless Network and stays close in touch with a number very cool people, projects and organizations.